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Let’s start with the good old days. Back when times were simple. Back when conventional farming was the only truly known technique; back when it was just “farming“.

Today, many farmers aren’t afraid to use herbicides to get rid of weeds (rather than tilling the dirt and pulling the weeds), pesticides to get rid of bugs (instead of rotating crops or biological pest control such as pheromones, bacteria, or good pests that kill harmful pests), and antibiotics & growth hormones to keep big and alive (until they are big enough to be served). It’s less expensive, less work, and overall more efficient (It also pdefinitely causes cancer).

Because of those practices, many people choose natural products to get goodness into their body and nature.

On the market, we often see products labeled as “natural” or “organic“. So what’s is the differences?

“Natural” means that the food does not contain artificial additives, ingredients must come from nature, no genetically modified (GMOs) ingredients, no harmful substances and manufacturing process retains the integrity of the natural ingredients.

Worth billions of dollars, the organic label is the federally regulated food label. To get organic certification, it takes a lot of money and energy, so many small farmers do not enroll.

Non-certified organic growers can have lots of organic integrity, and many small farmers grow 100% organic crops, without actually being certified. Certification alone doesn’t dictate actions, ethics or practices.

Easily, the difference between a label of “natural” versus “organic” comes down to regulation.

Do you like natural products ?

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