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Supermarkets require foodstuffs to be pasteurized so they stay longer on the shelves. It makes good business sense but it compromises on nutrients and live enzymes. Synthetic vitamins are added after pasteurization. Synthetic did not jive with us, so we went against the flow.

Pasteurization is a process whereby a food or drink product is brought to a very high temperature for a short period of time, and then immediately cooled down. This process kills off potentially harmful bacteria and slows the microbial growth that causes things to go bad, thereby reducing the risk of contamination and increasing shelf life. Pasteurization has many positive applications. However, it kills off healthy life forms along with harmful ones, reducing much of the nutrients the world consumes today to the food and drink equivalent of a zombie.

HPP, sometimes called pascalization, is an alternative to pasteurization. Instead of heat, this process uses pressure to inactivate flora and prolong shelf life. During HPP, sealed plastic bottles are placed in a large machine and subjected to extreme pressure transmitted by water. This technique extends a product’s best-before date by up to sixty days while preserving more health and taste benefits than pasteurization. However, it requires that the product be bottled in plastic, because the degree of pressure applied would shatter glass bottles.

We use neither process. Our products are raw, with no additives or preservatives. This makes for a powerfully healthy product -and with great power comes great responsibility. In order to maintain the freshness, quality, and safety of our products, they must be kept refrigerated.

Made with love in the heart of Bali, our products use freshest ingredients, and rich in taste and health benefits galore. We take pride in using natural ingredients in each product of Tajba. No chemicals, preservatives, thickeners, or additives are used, ever. This means our products are guaranteed nutritious, fresh, and natural.

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