Tajba is a plastic-free vegan business and stand for quality, sustainability and dairy-free innovation.

By seeking out natural materials such as cloth, wood, bamboo and cork, we add to renewable resources. With a strong environmental and sustainable ethos underlying our decisions, we decided early on that we could simply never commit to further contributing to the earth’s plastic problem.

All of our products are sold in reusable glass bottles that we encourage people to return to us so as to minimize any degree of waste.

Just beneath the surface of our oceans, sits a concentrated patch of garbage. Most of it is plastic. Our worst nightmare is to add to it, or to the other patches of marine debris that exist in all of our oceans. Glass lasts longer than plastic and is not porous like plastic, so you can wash it and reuse it over and over again without losing its shape or absorbing colors or odors.

Furthermore, studies have shown that chemicals used in even the safest kinds of plastic bottles break down and leach into the water they are carrying, especially if the bottle is exposed to heat or sunlight. We think it would be counterproductive to painstakingly press a product that is as good for you as possible, only to serve it in a container that leaks toxins into your body.

Okay, enough moralizing for today—time to point out the obvious. Glass is better tasting, better looking, and better feeling than plastic. Don’t you think?

Feel free to contact us if you cares about our environment.

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