Why Raw Almond Milk is The Best for Your Skin and Hair Health ?

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Why Raw Almond Milk is The Best for Your Skin and Hair Health ?

Raw almond milk is almond milk derived from raw almonds. Almond itself is a good source of unsaturated fats for the body. Raw almonds mean whole almonds, no additives added. Eating raw almond milk is like eating whole almonds.

For sweet raw almond milk, use natural sugar. Natural sugar tastes normally sweet. Not too sweet, but still has a little sweetness. Natural sugar is safer than artificial sugar. Safer to consume because natural sugars are made from plants such as palm sugar. While artificial sugar contains chemicals. For example, aspartame, saccharine, sucralose, isomalt, and siklamaat.

The difference between raw almond milk and almond milk powder is raw almond milk made from whole almonds without added ingredients. While powdered almond milk in general has been processed in a certain way and added substances, such as artificial sweeteners, preservatives, dyes, or flavor enhancers.

In general, almond milk has the following benefits:

  1. Healthy heart
    Almond milk does not contain cholesterol or saturated fat. The sodium content is also low and healthy fats are high, which helps prevent high blood pressure and heart disease.
  2. Prevent skin damage
    One of these vegetable products has high antioxidant properties. Almond milk helps to strengthen the cell membranes of our body which makes it avoid cell damage. This milk is very good for skin health. Skin damage caused by too long rays of the sun can be avoided with almond milk drinks.
  3. Reducing the risk of diabetes
    Raw almond milk (without added ingredients) has low carbohydrates, which means it does not significantly increase your blood sugar levels, thereby reducing the risk of developing diabetes. This is because almond milk contains a low glycemic index, and your body will use carbohydrates as energy, so sugar is not stored as fat.
  4. Kidney health
    Almond milk is different from other milk which has minerals that threaten heart health. Low levels of phosphorus and potassium can relieve your gindal performance. As a result, your kidney function will be well preserved.
  5. Healthy eyes
    This is rarely known to people. The content in almond milk is good for maintaining eye health. Almond milk contains vitamins A, E, and D. The vitamin content is enough to make your eyes adjust to the incoming light, so that eye damage can be avoided.
  6. Bones become stronger
    Almond milk contains calcium and vitamin D which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and improve bone and tooth health.

Raw almond milk is also beneficial for skin and hair health. The benefits of raw almond milk for skin health are as follows:

  1. Ageless
    Almond milk is one of the great ingredients used for its benefits against premature aging. The antioxidants available in almond milk along with the presence of vitamin C help the skin to reduce the presence of early signs of aging. Apart from dealing with signs of aging, you can also get the benefits of almond milk to minimize other skin problems such as discoloration.
  2. Rejuvenating the skin
    Vitamin E available in almond milk is the secret behind its ability to rejuvenate the skin. It cleanses dirt and dust particles from the skin and gives the skin a fresh and refreshing appearance. Various antioxidants are available in almond milk, and make them beautiful.
  3. Make your skin shine
    Your skin needs the right amount of protein and antioxidants to breathe properly. If your skin does not get the amount needed, your skin will not glow as you wish. Almond milk has all the right ingredients needed by the skin to breathe and glow. You can benefit vitamin E and A and almond milk protein to shine with amazing results.

Meanwhile, the benefits of raw almond milk for hair health are:

  1. Prevent hair loss
    Generally in the case of hair loss due to a lack of magnesium in the body. Almonds are known to have 25% of the magnesium content the body needs, enough to help repair hair loss problems. Consuming 1/4 cup of almonds regularly can give the body the nutrients it needs.
  2. Treating scalp infections
    Almond milk is also one of the nutritional solutions for the skin that can target not only hair needs but also the needs of scalp and infection. If you have struggled with various symptoms of scalp infections, then almond milk will be the right solution for that. Anti-infection and vitamins A, E and C work together and then soften the hair from the roots together by giving them the needed nutrients.
  3. Reduce gray hair
    Almond milk is a source of vitamins E, C, and iron which are considered as important ingredients to reduce the gray hair process. The iron content of almond milk along with the fatty acids available in the ingredients helps reduce gray hair.

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