What Are The Benefits of Almonds for The Body?

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What Are The Benefits of Almonds for The Body?

Almonds are rich in nutrients and vitamins. The texture of almonds is almost the same as other types of nuts, except that the almond has a shell that is quite large and hard.

What are the benefits of almonds for the body?

Almonds contain many nutrients, including dietary fiber, unsaturated fats, as well as several types of B vitamins, and vitamin E. Almonds also contain minerals that are beneficial to the body such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Everything made from almonds is very good for consumption by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The following are various benefits of almonds which are good when processed and consumed properly, including:

  1. Contains high antioxidants
    Almonds have high antioxidant content in the form of vitamin E. The benefits of this antioxidant is to counteract free radicals due to air pollution and prevent damage to cells in the body.
  2. Stabilizing blood pressure and streamlining its circulation
    The content of potassium contained in almonds has a function to stabilize blood pressure in the body.
  3. Energy enhancer
    The presence of carbohydrates and proteins contained in almonds add energy to the body, so that by consuming almonds it will fulfill the nutrients needed as energy and make the body’s condition stay fit in its activities.
  4. Strengthens and nourishes bones
    In almonds there are also benefits of calcium which function to strengthen and nourish bones.
  5. Preventing metabolic disorders (Streamlining digestion)
    The content of manganese in almonds will prevent metabolic disorders, such as making the thyroid gland to work optimally to undergo the body’s metabolic system. In addition, high fiber content in the benefits of almonds also promotes digestion, thus avoiding constipation problems (difficulty defecating).
  6. Lowering bad cholesterol levels
    Almonds contain unsaturated fats which are very good for the health of the body. The unsaturated fat content can reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body so as to minimize the possibility of experiencing heart disease and cholesterol.
  7. Maintaining protein intake
    Almonds are also very good for maintaining protein intake in the body. This protein intake is indeed needed in the process of breaking down carbohydrates which is a source of energy so that the body will feel fit and healthy.
  8. Improve immune system (Immunity)
    The immune system (immunity) is very important to avoid various diseases. Consuming almonds is also recommended to improve the immune system (immunity) because of the content of vitamin C contained in it.

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