The Impact and Influence of High Blood Pressure on The Eyes

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Do you have hypertension? Hypertension or commonly called high blood pressure, in addition to impacting damage to the heart, brain, and kidneys, can also cause vision impairment in your eyes. This is known as hypertensive retinopathy.

Hypertension will damage the blood vessels in the retina, the back of the eye that serves as your light catcher or vision receptor. This eye damage can progress to blindness if your hypertension is not controlled.

What causes hypertensive retinopathy?

The higher your blood pressure and the longer you experience the condition, the more likely you are to experience severe damage to your eyes.

When your blood pressure is high, the walls of the blood vessels in the retina will thicken, causing the blood vessels to narrow and the blood flow to the retina decreases. Over time, retinal blood vessel damage due to hypertension will damage the visual nerve, causing your vision problems, even causing blindness.

The Impact and Influence of High Blood Pressure on The Eyes

Who is at risk for hypertensive retinopathy?

You will be more likely to develop hypertensive retinopathy if you:

Have high blood pressure in the long term
Have heart disease
Has atherosclerosis
Often eat foods high in salt
Have high cholesterol levels
Excess weight
Consume Alcohol
Family history

What are the symptoms of hypertensive retinopathy?

You may not feel any symptoms until your condition has become severe. Signs and symptoms that may arise include:

Gradual decrease of vision until blindness
Eyes swollen
Rupture of blood vessels
Double vision accompanied by headache

Is hypertensive retinopathy treatable?

An effective treatment for treating hypertensive retinopathy is lowering your blood pressure with lifestyle changes and taking high blood medication regularly.

Lifestyle changes

Consumption of fruits and vegetables can help lower your blood pressure. Exercising regularly, lowering the amount of salt intake, and limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption are also good for maintaining your blood pressure.

If you are a smoker, stop immediately. If you are overweight, losing weight is an effective way to control your blood pressure.


There are many types of hypertension drugs. Selection of hypertension drugs to be consumed should go through several considerations, such as your blood pressure level and side effects of drugs that may arise on you. You need the help of a doctor in determining a hypertension drug that suits you.

Is hypertensive retinopathy preventable?

To prevent hypertensive retinopathy, you need to keep your blood pressure within normal limits, maintain optimal weight, run a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and regularly, and take medication regularly as prescribed by your doctor.

In addition, routine control to the doctor is also an important key in maintaining your blood pressure as well as performing periodic eye examinations can also detect early hypertensive retinopathy.

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