Raw Almond Milk Boost Breast Milk

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Raw Almond Milk Boost Breast Milk

Raw almond milk is almond milk from whole almonds. Raw almond milk contains vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, manganese, zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorus, tryptophan, copper, and calcium. The content of raw almond milk can increase milk production. Breast milk is milk produced by mothers for baby consumption and is the main source of nutrition for babies who have not been able to digest solid food.

Raw almond milk is very beneficial for increasing milk production. Besides being beneficial for increasing breastmilk production, raw almond milk also has benefits for nursing mothers, such as:

1. Launch breast milk
The benefits of raw almond milk for nursing mothers are the first to facilitate the production of breast milk. Raw almond milk has benefits as an breast milk smoothener because it comes from processed almonds that have been known for a long time as breast milk smoothers. Processing whole almonds into raw almond milk does not change its performance in launching breast milk. Eating raw almond milk is more practical and has a better taste than ordinary almonds.

2. Maintaining mother’s skin health
Vitamin E is one of the vitamins that functions to maintain healthy skin. Consumption of vitamin E can beautify and soften the skin both on the face and on the body. The content of vitamin E found in raw almond milk can be used for its benefits to maintain health and beautify the skin. For nursing mothers, this benefit can provide benefits to both mother and baby.

3. Enriching the nutritional content of breast milk
Raw almond milk is one of the vegetable milk which has complete nutritional content. Almond as a basic ingredient is often referred to as superfood, a food that contains lots of nutrients. Consuming raw almond milk for nursing mothers can enrich the nutritional content of breast milk so that it can facilitate the process of growth and development of babies and avoid the disruption of child or infant growth and development.

4. Helps in baby’s brain development
The growth and development of a baby during breastfeeding is not just a physical form but also the development of the baby’s brain that must be considered. Folic acid and vitamin E contained in almond milk can help the development of the baby’s brain.

5. Helps in growing baby’s bones and teeth
Similar to other milk, raw almond milk also contains enough calcium. Calcium is very important needed during breastfeeding. The benefits of raw almond milk for nursing mothers are not only fulfilling maternal calcium intake but can also be beneficial in helping the growth of bones and teeth of babies.

To increase milk production, you can eat natural foods like,

1. Almond
Nuts, especially raw and healthy almonds, are full of protein and calcium. Many nursing mothers choose to eat almonds or drink raw almond milk to add cream, sweetness, and the amount of their milk.

2. Oatmeal
Oatmeal contains fiber and is good for digestion. Oatmeal can also add energy.

3. Young papaya
Papaya can help you relax and feed your baby better.

4. Spinach leaves and beets
Spinach leaves and beets contain iron, calcium and folic acid as an ASI smoothener.

5. Carrots
Like spinach, carrots also have the qualities of increasing lactation. Carrots contain Vitamin A which complements lactation and improves the quality of your milk.

6. Water and juice
Drinking water and juice can increase lactation and increase the total amount of milk.

Besides eating the food above, you can try the following tips:
1. Diligently massage and clean the breast
2. Breastfeeding every 2-3 hours
3. Routinely pumping the breast
4. Compress the breast

As said above, almond milk which is good for increasing milk production is raw almond milk. Raw almond milk is almond milk from whole almonds. Raw almond milk is not added preservatives and coloring. Raw almond milk is also not made from powdered almond milk. Because almond milk powder has usually been chemically processed and given additional ingredients, such as preservatives and dyes. So let’s be more careful in buying almond milk products in stores or supermarkets. Because usually almond milk in stores or supermarkets are given additional ingredients. It is not good for the body to consume too many products that have been given additional ingredients. Because it can cause diseases such as heart problems, digestive disorders, and others.

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