Pumpkin Seeds – Green seeds with A Myriad of Benefits

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Super food is now a trend in the healthy food menu. One of the super foods that are now widely consumed is pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds are a healthy alternative snack that you can try. Besides having many benefits, pumpkin seed seeds are also easy to obtain.

Pumpkin Seeds - Green seeds with A Myriad of Benefits

These pumpkin seeds contain various kinds of nutrients. These seeds are rich in iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. It is also a source of protein, omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber.

Pumpkin seeds also contain beneficial plant compounds called phytosterols and antioxidants to erode free radicals. Therefore this super food can provide various health benefits.

The consumption of pumpkin seeds is beneficial for the health of the heart, liver and immune system. Besides that it also helps fight diabetes, reduce bad cholesterol levels and provide benefits for prostate health in men.

For women, pumpkin seeds can be eaten to relieve menopausal symptoms. Consumption of pumpkin seeds with fruit a few hours before bedtime can make you sleep better because of the content of tryptophan in it.

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