Prevent Obesity in Childhood

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Obesity is a condition of buildup of excess fat tissue in the body. Obesity is directly caused by excessive calorie intake and lack of physical activity. However, in addition to these two factors, there are some environmental factors that also cause obesity in children, such as eating with super large portions, eating high-calorie foods, working parents, and the use of technologies such as TVs, computers, and smartphones.

In principle, preventing obesity consists of diet or food management, healthy daily eating behavior, and increasing physical activity.

To maintain the child’s weight, can be done by applying a regular diet that is 3 times a day followed by all family members. This routine diet consists of healthy foods and snacks for children. It is important for mother to invite children to have positive behaviors towards food. If the child is still hungry, give the fruit but do not make juice. Some high-calorie fruit such as avocados, bananas and mangoes should be avoided.

Prevent Obesity in Childhood

One way to develop a healthy diet in children, such as avoiding fast food. Avoid snacking and high-calorie foods such as chocolate, tarts, ice cream and soft drinks (soft drinks). Avoid foods that contain high levels of fat, sugar, and train children to eat various fruits and vegetables. Increase consumption of water. Familiarize children to eat at home or limit eating in the shopping center, because generally eating made at home has lower caloric content.

By doing physical activity, the energy that comes out is expected to be balanced with the amount of food consumed. This type of physical activity for children does not always have to be in the form of exercise. What is important, children sweat and like the activities undertaken. Regular physical activity done every day is very important for the development and growth of children, such as standing, walking with a slow rhythm to normal, and playing lightly. There are also several activities that are included in the energetic category for children, such as walking with fast rhythm, cycling, dancing, swimming, jumping and climbing.

Note also the settings of television viewing activities and computer-related activities, maximum 2 hours per day. Children who often watch television and spend a lot of time in front of the computer or likes to use electronic games, generally become less mobile.

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