Physical Activity to Lower Blood Pressure for Hypertensives

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In addition eating healthy foods, exercise is also very important for people with hypertension or hypertensive. Exercising can reduce both systolic and diastolic pressure in patients in middle age and also those with mild high blood pressure. However, exercise does not significantly lower blood pressure in patients with severe hypertension.

Exercise can improve heart fitness to pump blood without having to work hard. That is, the heart rate will be lower and regular. When the heart works more efficiently, the circulation of blood flow in and out of the heart will be more smoothly. Ultimately, this can maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels to lower and stabilize blood pressure. Regular exercise also helps maintain a healthy weight, which is another way to control blood pressure.

Physical Activity to Lower Blood Pressure for Hypertensives

Do regular exercise, for thirty minutes every day. For example, cycling or swimming to reduce the amount of adrenaline circulation in the body and calm the blood vessels.

If you are rarely exercising before, start mild light exercise, such as walking or yoga for fifteen minutes per day, to avoid injury. Consult the kind of sport that is appropriate for your condition, because there are several kinds of sports that are not recommended.

Exercise can be started by incorporating moderate intensity physical activity into daily routine to be able to reap the benefits. Basically, any physical activity that increases heart rate and breathing is considered a sport for good hypertension.

Examples of simple exercises can do to control blood pressure are up and down stairs, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and dancing.

Not only sports, everyday activities such as gardening, house cleaning, up and down stairs and playing with children, can also be beneficial to the heart.

If you feel dizziness, pain in the chest or other body parts, immediately stop the activity and reduce a little portion if the weather is very hot or humid.

Take advantage of physical activity with a good intake, for example, rich in vegetables, fruits and low-fat milk. Avoid salt, processed meats and canned foods.

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