Obesity isn’t a Temporary Problem

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Obesity is a chronic condition, a complex disorder involving an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity isn’t just about not being slim and looking good. Being extremely obese especially means increases risk of diseases and health problems. It’s not a temporary problem that can be treated for a few months with a strenuous diet.

Losing weight and keeping it off is very challenging because lifestyle and behavioural changes are required. Most overweight people know that weight control is actually a lifelong effort. To be safe and effective, any weight-loss program must address the long-term approach or else the program is a waste of time, money, and energy.

Fast and crash diets don’t work and can be dangerous. The body needs a minimum amount of energy from food to function normally. Crash diets are never successful in the long term because once the diet is stopped, the weight usually comes back. Commercial weight-loss plans and clinics are successful businesses because they have so many return customers.

Obesity isn't a Temporary Problem

Eating proper foods can influence health for all age groups. Eat a variety of foods, balance with physical activity to maintain or improve weight. Choose a diet with plenty of grain products, vegetables and fruits, low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, moderate in sugars,salt and sodium as well as in alcoholic beverages.

To lose weight successfully and to maintain it requires lifelong changes in eating and exercise habits as well as an understanding of emotional factors that lead to overeating. It involves setting and achieving specific and realistic goals, balancing between food consumption and calories needed by the body for energy. The kinds and amounts of food affect our ability to loose and maintain our weight. We are what we eat.

Regular physical activity is an important part of weight management. It doesn’t have to going to the gym. It can be as simple as walking to the grocery shop in the neighborhood, parking the vehicle at the furthest point from the entrance at the office and shops,climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator or lift, walking for lunch to the coffee shop close-by with coworkers, dancing after dinner, etc.

What’s important is to add exercise to the daily routine and do a higher activity level. Choose enjoyable activities and exercises.

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