Meditation, Can Control High Blood Pressure

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Stress is a normal thing that everyone has experienced. A normal stress can have a positive impact, such as helping to work faster while pursuing a deadline. But be careful, stress conditions can have a negative impact if frequent and prolonged. Prolonged stress can lead to illness. One of them is high blood pressure.

Keeping your blood pressure under control, stress should be well controlled. It can not eliminate stress, but stress it would be nice if minimized. There are several ways to control stress. One is by meditation.

Meditation, Can Control High Blood Pressure

Doing meditation is something that can cope with stress because it can clear the mind to be able to make a person to concentrate. This can happen because meditation is able to make breathing more regular, heart rate and blood pressure to normal, to be able to reduce levels of stress hormones previously pumped by the adrenal glands. In fact, doing meditation potent to help the healing process while experiencing stress.

How to do a useful meditation is not complicated. First, focus on breathing by doing it slowly to make breathing easier to manage. Then, heating like “stretching” can be done while lying down or sitting. Focusing the mind on one thing like the rhythm of breath, the heartbeat or the figure of the God in order to relieve stress, relax or calm the mind.

Meditation should be done before the activity in the morning because psychologically, meditation in the morning is very effective to reduce anxiety, fear, and worry.

Try experiments in meditation so it will find the most convenient meditation techniques to do like transcendental meditation. Transcendental meditation is a meditation by repeating sound or mantra method with closed eyes. Conducting meditation with transcendental methods can effectively calm the mind of stress.

Meditating should be done in a special place that allows for full concentration so as not to be disturbed. Become more relax, listening to meditation music in the form of instrumental, singing or the sound of nature can be done.

Last, discipline in meditation is a good thing to do to bring benefits to the body either psychologically or physically.

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