It Takes Two to Tango

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It Takes Two to Tango

Positive and negative, yin with yang, good versus bad, male together with female, it takes two to Tango indeed.

Cholesterol isn’t any different than many others. We’re all familiar with the term of the good cholesterol versus the bad cholesterol, but for some of us it’s not easy to understand even which one is which.

The good type of cholesterol is HDL, stands for High Density Lipoproteins. Lipo means fat, so it’s pretty tricky for me as a non medical background person to get it right.

For many years I personally always think that somehow the high density lipo(fat)proteins sounds dangerous and is the one causing the problem while the fact is actually the opposite. I believe that I’m not alone here.

I was looking for an easier solution to separate those two and here is my own imagination to understand the difference.

HDL, high density lipoproteins means that the proteins (instead of lipo/fat) level is higher than the cholesterol. Obviously, protein is better than cholesterol, right? So more protein is good and that makes HDL as the good cholesterol. Simple, isn’t it?

Although in fact HDL is considered as the good cholesterol as it helps removing the excess of the extra cholesterol from our blood by sending it to our liver where it gets destroyed, then get disposed out from our body. So it actually has nothing to do with the actual percentage of proteins to cholesterol.

The bad type of cholesterol is LDL, stands for Low Density Lipoproteins, the black sheep for our heart problems. It’s bad because LDL enables cholesterol to build up deposits which becomes plaques, harden on the walls of our arteries. It’s narrowing the blood vessels and decreasing blood flows.

If the plaques is build up in the arteries to our heart, the coronary arteries, it will disturb our cells and organs to functioning properly as the supply of oxygen-rich blood to our heart isn’t enough.

HDL is needed for reducing LDL cholesterol by transporting it to our liver. Athough HDL can’t eliminate LDL cholesterol completely, high level HDL helps protecting us from heart attack and stroke.

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