How to Start Exercising in Obese People

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For people with obesity, not all types of sports they can do. One sport that needs to be avoided is running. Obese people are not recommended to exercise run because it can damage the joints. Their knees can not sustain a double body burden. In addition, they will also be at risk for bone disease. Instead of getting the benefits of the sport they do, it actually makes them in danger.

When an obese is not accustomed to exercise, he needs to exercise gradually. This is done so that the body can adjust to the new routine.

In addition, for the obese body is overweight obesity body weight trigger injury. Joint and foot pain is a common problem in obese people while exercising,

How to Start Exercising in Obese People

So, to start exercising in obese people, keep in mind a few things.

Consult a doctor
Before deciding to do strenuous exercise, it’s good to consult a doctor first. Usually experts have the best exercise recommendations for obese people to lose weight. Previously, your health will be checked thoroughly, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol. If there are complaints about joint pain, immediately inform the doctor.

Not directly exercise for a long time
Doing sports by not spending a long time. Start with 10 minutes every day. When it is comfortable, just add the duration for example half an hour every day.

Combine sports
Choose sports that do not add too much to joint work such as swimming and cycling. Combining sports both in addition to reducing saturation can also give a difference in joint work.

Stretching before doing sports
Stretching is the best way to avoid heel pain. Do this to prevent the race before exercise.

Notice the shoe soles
When exercising like a brisk walk, try to note the shoe soles used. Choose a shoe sole that is able to distribute the weight evenly on the foot so as to reduce the impact of injury.

Give a report to the doctor
Consult your doctor’s development and how far you feel the difference. The thing that needs attention is the diet that doctors recommend, including how many calories to eat. Do not forget to give priority to vegetables and fruit as support weight loss.

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