Food Restriction for Diabetics

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For diabetics, choosing food intake is very important. Because, there are certain food groups that should be consumed, but there are also other food groups that should be avoided. The goal is for diabetics to have controlled blood sugar levels. Setting food intake is one form of treatment that must be undertaken. This is a list of foods that should be avoided for diabetic patients.

Food Restriction for Diabetics

Packaging drinks
Especially soda or juice packaging. To find out how much sugar is contained in your drink, carefully examine the nutritional value information label listed on the packaging. Sugar in beverage packaging is labeled with the name carbohydrate. Soft drinks generally can contain 38 grams of sugar per 350 ml. Some sweet drinks with fruit flavorings also usually use fructose sweetener which is known to trigger insulin resistance, especially in diabetics and accumulation of fat in the stomach.

Pasta, Rice and White Bread
A number of foods that are high in carbohydrates but lack of fiber such as pasta, rice and white bread are not recommended for consumption by diabetics. A study shows that eating starchy foods can increase blood sugar levels.

Foods rich in trans fat
Trans fats are mostly found in margarine, jam, and preserved foods. Although not directly raising blood sugar levels, trans fats can trigger insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome and risk factors for damage to blood vessels such as reducing HDL levels. Reducing the consumption of trans fat is needed in preventing damage to blood vessels due to diabetes, especially those that are also at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dried fruit
Dried fruit is a snack from pieces of fruit that are preserved by reducing the water content. Some types of fresh fruit generally have high sugar levels, but when faced with two choices between fresh fruit and dried fruit as food for diabetes, choose fresh fruit. The dried fruit has a higher concentration of nutrients, but unfortunately the sugar content is also concentrated. Fresh fruit still has a more stable sugar concentration. In addition, choose fresh fruit with low sugar levels such as apples.

Natural sweetener
Natural sweeteners such as sugar cane and honey are not recommended for diabetics, because it can trigger an increase in blood sugar. Therefore, reduce sugar intake so as not to worsen the condition of the disease.

Coffee with topping
Unlike ordinary black coffee, a lot of coffee sold in coffee shops generally contains more sugar because it is added with caramel, chocolate syrup or whipped cream. The same goes for the coffee cream that you mix yourself at home. If you are a fan of coffee, it’s better to just consume black coffee or espresso. Black coffee has been proven to reduce the risk of diabetes.

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