Eyes Damage Due To Complications of High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure or hypertension is caused by increased blood pressure due to constriction and damage to blood vessels. This disease is dangerous because it can trigger various diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Not only that, hypertension can cause bleeding in the retina, so it can cause blindness. Retinal blood vessels can rupture. Tension above 200 mmHg it can cause blindness, depending on whether it just clog or ruptured the blood vessels.

Eyes Damage Due To Complications of High Blood Pressure

Complications of hypertension in the eyes

High blood pressure can damage blood vessels that supply blood to the retina of the eye that eventually leads to retinopathy. This condition can also cause bleeding in the eyes, blurred vision and complete vision loss. If you have diabetes and high blood pressure then the risk of this disease will be higher.

Next is choroidopathy. It is a condition the buildup of fluid under the retina due to blood vessels leaks in the lining of the blood vessels located below the retina. This disease can cause eye vision to be distorted or in some cases, it is often known as a network that interfere with vision.

Another damage to the eyes due to complications of hypertension is optic neuropathy. Damage to this nerve is a condition that can block blood flow damage to the optic nerve. If you have eye damage this one can cause bleeding in the eyes or even loss of vision.

The presence of complications of hypertension in the eyes that can cause blindness, it would be nice to prevent hypertension because the cost is obviously much cheaper and much easier than treating complications that have already occurred.

The trick is to consume lots of vegetables and fruits, as well as maintain healthy habits or healthy lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle should be abandoned and began to exercise more. Smoking habits should also be stopped and foods that contain lots of fat and salt also begin to be reduced.

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