Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Water Usage

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It is very important for the current generation to start implementing an environmentally friendly lifestyle for the preservation of natural resources. Basically a green lifestyle, eco-friendly lifestyle or environmentally friendly lifestyle means a lifestyle that applies efficiency and optimization in the use of energy and natural resources.

One of them is optimizing water usage for daily activities.

Eco Friendly Water Usage

Water is the most significant requirement besides clean air. It is important to note that the amount of water on the face of the earth is constant, while the need for water always increases with the increase in population. We should be grateful that Indonesia is endowed with abundant water resources.

However, if we do not maintain availability as early as possible, someday a clean water crisis can occur. Well, some of the following tips can help the efficiency of water use programs at home.

Bathing with a shower is far more efficient and guaranteed to be cleaner than soaking in a bathtub.

Cover rain water for washing motorized vehicles owned.

Water rinsing vegetables, fruits, and leftover water in drink bottles should not be thrown away, use to water the plants on the home page.

A one-time rinse product can be an alternative to make clothes washing activities more water efficient.

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