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The natural environment around is where we live and make a living. Food, drinks and all our needs come from nature. For that we must preserve it. If nature is damaged then humans will also get the consequences. Like logging unregulated forests causes flooding so that agricultural land is damaged and farmers lose money.

To overcome this, environmental activists are actively voicing eco-friendly concepts. There are environmentally friendly technologies, environmentally friendly lifestyles, environmentally friendly products, environmentally friendly energy, and so on.

Environmentally friendly means all things that are not damaging to the environment but to keep and preserve it.

Eco Friendly Lifestyle

Responsible and more environmentally friendly lifestyles are actually not difficult. Relatively easy to do. Stay depends on how much you desire and earnestness.

You don’t have to be a Greenpeace-style environmental activist who drives fast to whale hunters, demonstrates in front of the WTO meeting building every year, or stands firmly blocking tractors and other heavy machinery owned by timber companies in the middle of Kalimantan forests, to save the environment.

An eco-friendly lifestyle can be realized by reducing the use of natural resources, reducing carbon dioxide produced in everyday life, and other methods. Examples such as reducing the use of paper, using a bike when traveling to a place not too far away, reducing the use of plastic, cultivated plants in the yard, and many more that we can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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