Diabetes and Swimming

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Diabetes and Swimming

Swimming is one of the perfect exercises for diabetics, both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. For everyone who has diabetes, swimming can keep you healthy and active.

One of the biggest benefits of swimming for diabetic is to help control blood sugar levels. For diabetic patients who often experience an elevated and extreme increase in blood sugar levels and decreases, swimming will make the body have better control of blood sugar levels, and may not even require insulin again to control blood sugar.

Swimming is also an excellent sport for heart health. Diabetics are also at risk for stroke, heart attack, or other heart disease. By swimming, diabetes patients can improve blood circulation to the body and improve heart health. It is also important for cardiovascular fitness that allows one to pump blood and oxygen more effectively.

Swimming trains both upper and lower body muscles at the same time, and can burn 350-420 calories per hour. This is especially good for those who have numbness or lack of feelings on the feet (diabetic neuropathy) because it is not at all harmful. In addition, swimming can also lower stress levels, make you feel good about producing endorphins in the body.

Another reason swimming is the right sport for diabetics is because of the lack of gravity that puts pressure on the body. Diabetes often has arthritis and other conditions that cause exercise to be exhausting and painful. By swimming, diabetic patients will experience a comfortable, not heavy, and fun sport. In addition, swimming can also reduce the risk of injury to the foot for diabetic patients who are susceptible to foot infections.

By doing regular swimming exercises, it will help in shaping your body, calories in the body will also be reduced. In addition, swimming can also help lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. When you are in the process of becoming fit, your diabetes will also be under control. All of this is a very good reason to try swimming when you have diabetes.

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