4 Principles of Good Dietary Habits For Diabetics

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4 Principles of Good Dietary Habits For Diabetics

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is a long-term or chronic disease characterized by blood sugar levels (glucose) are far above normal. Glucose is very important for our health because it is the main energy source for the brain and the cells that make up the muscles and tissues in our body.

Increased blood sugar levels in diabetics can pose an impact on health, such as fatigue, dizziness, nerve damage, kidney failure, heart disease, eye problems, more susceptible to infection and injury, even loss of consciousness or coma. Therefore, it should be noted diet for diabetics so that blood sugar levels are always controlled.

Food for diabetics is actually about the same as a healthy person. The difference, food for diabetics is more regulated. Regular healthy diet every day is almost the same as medical nutrition therapy.

It is not difficult to apply the rules of eating for diabetics. The following are four principles, it is believed that blood sugar levels can be controlled. Types, quantities, hours of eating and cooking stance are the four things you need to remember and manage.

Diabetics should choose the right type of food. Avoid foods that contain sugar or simple carbohydrates, such as sweet foods, honey, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, white bread, and foods made from wheat flour. However, it does not mean to avoid carbohydrates altogether. The body still needs carbohydrates as the main energy source.

Carbohydrates are required as much as 50% of total caloric needs. However, choose foods made from whole grains or complex carbohydrates and contain lots of fiber, such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, and cereals. Meanwhile, fat is still needed, but avoid foods that contain saturated fat and trans fats, such as fried foods and fast food.

Do not forget to multiply the fiber by consuming various fruits and vegetables. Reduce consumption of sodium present in salt and packaged foods. This will prevent the risk of heart disease.

Everyone should actually consume food with the amount that suits their needs. Everyone’s calorie needs will differ depending on sex, health condition, weight, and height. How much calorie requirement per day needed in more detail can be consulted on the nutritionist.

Here are the average needs of diabetics:
-Carbohydrates: 50-60% of caloric needs
-Protein: 10-15% of caloric needs
-Fat: 20-25% of caloric needs
-Fiber: 25 grams / day

In addition to the types and quantities, meals are organized daily. Create a meal schedule, so that every day will have the same meal time. For example, breakfast at 6 am, a snack at 10 am, lunch at 12 am, 4 pm snack, and dinner at 7 pm.

Actually, it can be adapted to the schedules and activities of each. The important thing is to eat at the same hour every day. Rules of eating for diabetics will make the body become ‘remember’ and simplify the process of digestion, because it always occurs in the same hour.

For diabetics, it is advisable to consume homemade food. That way, can monitor raw materials and any additional ingredients that will be used in food consumed. In addition to carefully selecting foods for diabetics, the recommended cooking stance is steamed, boiled or baked foods.

The explanation above, is the four principles of dietary habits for diabetics are effective to be practiced for diabetes that suffered immediately improved. Apply how to prevent diabetes with a healthy diet since early to avoid diabetes.

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