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10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator

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10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator

Still on a calorie-counting diet?

It’s inconvenient, isn’t it?

Now there is a surefire way to calculate food intake without a calculator.

According to experts, this method is quite effective for inhibiting weight gain.

However, it must do slowly.

It’s like renovating a house, fixing the rooms one by one.

Once used to it, it’s not that hard to continue.

1. Weigh one time per day

Generally, popular healthy diet programs recommend weighing yourself every week.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota studied 1,800 people who dieted and weighed daily.

It turned out that there was a decrease of 6 kg over two years. While those who weigh every week only lose 3 kg.

The more often you monitor your weight, the more stringent you will control the implementation of a healthy diet to minimize failure to run a diet.

10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator


Every time you wake up in the morning, immediately weigh yourself.

Of course, weight fluctuations occur due to colds or dehydration.

However, if there has been an increase of 2% from the previous weight, it means that food intake must begin to be limited.

2. Watch TV and use gadgets for no more than two hours a day

TV and gadget enthusiasts will usually lack body activity.

They tend to be engrossed and fall victim to various snacks and food advertisements.

Research shows that people who watch TV for more than 2 hours will consume 7% more calories per day than those who watch TV for less than 1 hour.

10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator


Keep away from TV and gadgets.

Add various activities in life.

Eliminate the temptation of a variety of enticing services, especially food chains.

3. Try to contact three friends per week

Dieting does not only need passion and personal will.

But it can also be supported by friends and companions.

Generally, a person will be more triggered to maintain weight in the same environment.

Of course, you have to choose a friend who can remind you about your weight. Not that often invites overeating.

10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator


You can try to join a healthy diet community.

Here we can remind each other.

If you don’t have much time, you can also join and update your weight development by telephone, even social media.

4. Insert four grams of fiber with every meal or snack

A high-fiber diet can lower your calorie intake without making your stomach feel guilty.

Research at Tufts University showed that women who consumed only 13 grams of fiber per day were five times more likely to be overweight than those who consumed more fiber.

Fiber takes longer to chew. It also speeds up the rate at which food passes through the digestive tract.

In addition, fiber also increases the satiety hormone.

10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator


To achieve 25 grams of fiber per day, eat at least six meals of 4 grams of fiber.

For example, a bowl of grapes (1.4 grams), toasted wheat bread (2 pieces = 6 grams), or a bowl of oatmeal (4 grams).

If you want something simpler, eat fruit instead of vegetables. For example, a large apple contains 5 grams of fiber. It’s the same amount as a bowl of raw broccoli.

5. Add five thousand more steps

A healthy person generally takes 5 thousand steps per day.

For example, when going to work, doing chores, or home activities.

Doubling the activities of the body will provide goodness.

These activities can make HDL good cholesterol will increase, lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar, and of course lose weight.

Increasing the number of steps per day also lowers body fat percentage, shrinking the waist and hips.

Research shows that people who walk only 5,000 steps per day weigh more than people who walk up to 9,000 steps per day.

10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator


Use a pedometer to make sure the number of steps per day reaches 5 thousand.

Or try walking for 50 minutes or 4 kilometers.

This method can do by walking with friends or using the stairs instead of the elevator.

You can also park the vehicle as far as possible from the entrance.

6. Record six times per week

Monitoring food intake and exercise every day will be more helpful to know if you have reduced the 500 calories per day needed to lose weight.

Research shows that people who record and watch their weight every day will lose up to 10 kg in 6 months.

10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator


Use a notebook or PDA to record whatever you consumed.

Don’t forget to use a pedometer to estimate the calories burned.

However, sometimes you need a break. Use one day, for example, Sunday is the day to pamper yourself a little.

After that, back to the diet rules.

7. Sleep at least seven hours every night

The University of Chicago says people who lack hours of sleep have low levels of hunger control hormones.

So, short hours of sleep is one of the triggers for obesity.

In the study of 9,588 people, it found women only slept for four hours or less.

This condition has the possibility of obesity up to 234%.

10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator


The key to this method is 7 hours of sleep a night.

So set your bedtime and always be disciplined to keep it.

8. Drink eight glasses a day

Water not only serves as a thirst quencher but also increases the body’s metabolism.

Drinking 8 glasses of water per day can increase the body’s metabolism by up to 30%.

As much as 10% comes from the body’s efforts to warm water.

While the rest of the body’s absorption activity.

When drinking water, there are no calories that enter.

Instead, calories are applied to warm and absorb water.

Unlike when drinking soda, the calories will be absorbed and stored in the body.

10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator


According to experts, drinking eight glasses of water per day can help you lose up to 4 kg per year.

So before eating, don’t snack or drink sugary juices, but try to drink a glass of water first.

9. After nine hours of work (including lunch), go home soon

The University of Helsinki studied 7 thousand of adults.

The results show, they tend to experience weight gain.

After studying, it turns out that most work overtime.

As a result of not having time to diet and exercise, it tends to gain weight.

In addition, work stress and hormonal changes such as cortisol can influence weight gain.

10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator


Try to put a time limit on the work.

So when after work, you still have time for other activities such as cycling or cooking your favorite food for dinner.

To make time more effective and productive, use time alarms.

So, when the alarm sounds, you can immediately choose which work priority should finish first.

10. Lower Glycemic Index (GI) ten points

Foods that are high on the glycemic index will make blood sugar spike.

The body uses insulin to carry blood sugar.

Then the body stores the excess in the form of fat.

This process lowers blood sugar levels. Then, the body feels hungry and wants to keep eating.

It’s an unhealthy circle.

Researchers found that people who eat foods with a high glycemic index tend to be fatter easily.

10 Ways Calculate a Healthy Diet Without a Calculator


Look at the packaging label to avoid added sugar. Or better to consume fresh produce.

For example, baked potatoes with a glycemic index of 48 are better than russet potatoes (large potatoes used for french fries). It has a glycemic index of 94.

Or grapes with a glycemic index of 49, which is lower than dates. It has a glycemic index of 103.

In addition, pasta has a glycemic index of 45, compared to pizza with a glycemic index of 60.

Of course, also avoid glucose liquids which are often called juices.

Finally, I hope the information above is helpful for all of us.

Stay fit and healthy !

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